About Nosta

Nosta is a modern text typeface. It was designed to be easily legible and therefore expressly suitable for setting sizeable lengths of continuous text such as magazine articles, books and essays. It achieves this through, amongst other things, finely balanced proportions, optimal character spacing and an adherence to predictable letter forms. Despite this, however, Nosta manages to retain a contemporary look and feel by using a variety of modern type design devices such as the efficacious wedge serif. The italic avoids using too many of the cursive elements that are often found in traditional italics and has only a modest slant, giving it a modern look that does not overly disrupt the text while still providing emphasis.

While designed for continuous text, Nosta can also be used as a display face, making it a good all round typeface, suitable for many applications.

All formats of the fonts are perfectly serviceable, however, the OpenType version contains extended language support, extra ligatures and a wide variety of numerals.

Released: 05 July 2006

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