About Clarence

Clarence is a modern, original typeface that has, perhaps paradoxically, been designed to have a warm and slightly antiquated feel.

It is slightly too idiosyncratic for great lengths of continuous text but it does work very well at both small and display sizes.

The serif structure takes some inspiration from architectural buttresses (a structure built against a wall to provide support or reinforcement). The serifs only protrude a small way from the body of the letter, which serves to ground the letter and, because the serifs bracket (the curve) joins the vertical at a relatively great distance from the tip of the serif, it remains subtle.

The italic variant draws on the roman but has a more pronounced and curvier serif structure, analogous to the cursive element expected of an italic. This serif structure is present throughout the italic, even extending into the uppercase, making it more of a true italic than the commonplace sloped roman.

Released: 14 February 2008

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