About Gilibert

Gilibert is a typeface primarily intended for use as a titling font. It is stylistically based on the Modern style of typeforms such as those of Giambattista Bodoni and the Didot family, most noticeable in its high contrast and serif structure. However, Giliberts underlying structure takes its cues form a wide variety of influences, including chancery scripts, nineteenth century advertising and even a hint of deconstructionist theory. While it can be used quite effectively for short lengths of continuous text, its unique, eye-catching forms work best when used sparingly in a prominent position.

Information & Features

July 2005
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Character Sets

Gilibert Regular


Format Individual Style Whole Family
Windows TrueType$19.00$29.00
Windows Postscript$19.00$29.00
Mac TrueType$19.00$29.00
Mac Postscript$19.00$29.00
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Headline Setting

Gilibert spec headline

Text Setting

Gilibert spec text