About Pasquinade

Pasquinade is a blackletter/roman hybrid. The general look, feel and graphical styling of Pasquinade is that of a blackletter font, however, the underlying letter construction is that of a traditional serifed roman. This produces a font with that familiar 'gothic' feel but has the inherent legibility of a roman, due, in part, to the discrete openness of the characters. The presence of roman serifs also lend to this legibility without detracting from the blackletter appearence because of their particular construction. When used in a text setting the font produces an eminently readable, even texture. However, it is when used as a titling font, that the letters reveal themselves to have a contemporary, geometrically calligraphic, blackletter appearance that makes it suitable for any and all uses.

Information & Features

May 2005
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Character Sets

Pasquinade Regular
Pasquinade Bold


Format Individual Style Whole Family
Windows TrueType$27.99$46.00
Windows Postscript$27.99$46.00
Mac TrueType$27.99$46.00
Mac Postscript$27.99$46.00
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Headline Setting

Pasquinade spec headline

Text Setting

Pasquinade spec text